• Aerial view of egrets flying over forest park in E China's Jiangxi
  • Farmers busy harvesting rice in E China's Jiangxi
  • Aerial view of Zhuqiao Village in Jinxi County, E China's Jiangxi
  • First high-speed train around Poyang Lake starts operating
  • Get lost in a sea of flowers in Xinyu, Jiangxi province


Climbers who drilled Mount Sanqing face new civil prosecution(09-04)
China's economy shows steady growth in H1 with local GDP outperforming(09-03)
Across China: Polluted lake in the past, now cash cow for sports, eco-to...(09-03)
Number of left-behind children falls by 23 pct(09-03)
Job-hopping: the new normal for millennials(08-30)
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